Tour for 3rd through 5th grade students from The Shlenker School, Houston
Photo: Mary Wemple

Gallery Tours

Free Guided Tours

Informative tours are available during weekday gallery hours to all groups who request them at least one week
in advance.

Tours are arranged according to the needs and interests of the group when possible.

Please note that groups larger than 15 will be split into smaller groups in order to protect our installations. Children must be at least school-age (K-12).

Self-Guided Tours

Rice Gallery provides numerous resources for self-guided tours of the exhibition space.

Visitors receive guided instruction from Rice Gallery attendants, artist-trained Rice students who are present during operating hours while school is in session.

In conjunction with each exhibition, Rice Gallery produces a video screened in the foyer during operating hours. Generally, the video shows the artist in residence at Rice Gallery and includes artist comments on the installation.

Each installation is also supplemented with free educational materials including a large-format text panel, notebooks with extensive information about the artist, and an illustrated brochure.

While it is not required, we ask you to give us advance notice for self-guided group tours of 10 or more visitors.