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Photo: Kenji Mimura

2 October - 23 November 2014

Yusuke Asai: yamatane

Japanese artist Yusuke Asai keeps things simple: he paints with different types of mud, dust, soil, and other natural materials he finds locally. He became known internationally when images of his work in a classroom at the Niranjana School in Bihar, India spread across the Internet. Asai was invited by Tokyo’s non-profit organization Wall Art Project to transform the classroom into a place of inspiration for children. His immersive, ephemeral wall painting was made from seven different kinds of soil Asai collected in India. What had been the ground beneath people’s feet became an imaginative forest full of creatures, animals, people, and lush pattern crawling across the walls and ceiling.

Come see Yusuke Asai transform Houston’s swampy soil!

30 January - 15 March 2015

New Installation by Atelier Bow-Wow

New Installation by Japanese architects Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kajiima of Atelier Bow-Wow, in collaboration with Assistant Professor Jesus Vassallo and students of the Rice School of Architecture course “Learning from Houston”